EV Charging Station in Bangalore

We provide EV chargers service in Bangalore. Our services are EV Chargers installation in Bangalore, Electric Vehicle Chargers in Bangalore, Electric car charging station in Bangalore. We also provide EV chargers in Mysore, Udupi, Mangalore. We are listed as one of the best EV chargers manufacturers in Bangalore. We have many branches of EV charging station in Karnataka. We have lots of set up for electric charging stations in Bangalore.

Our EV Charging Stations Offer Easy Integration, Maximum Safety & Lower Liability Costs Our EV Charger is one of the most advanced in the industry with cutting edge hardware and futuristic software. It is all in one electric vehicle charging solution, Single design can provide flexibility to accommodate anywhere. These chargers come with connected services to allow integration with payment platforms or smart electrical systems apart from housekeeping functions such as remote upgrades, diagnostics etc. These are ideal for fleet operations, parking etc.

EV Charging Station in Bangalore

What advantages will you get
using an electric car?

01Easy Integration

Our EV charging Solutions are easy to integrate

02Maximum Safety

Provides Maximum Safety & Lower Liability Costs

03High Quality

User authentication through RFID

04Smart premium Version

Can fit in various application

05Max. Performance

Low power consumption, Over-the-Air (OTA), configuration


ARAI Certified & CHAdeMO Complaint

Our mission:

Make the world cleaner, save natural resources, create comfort for people

We are the leading developer and installer
of modern electric vehicle charging systems

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